Who can join the Rhema University Ambassador Global Network?
Any Christian organization or ministry can join RU AGN.

What information do I need to submit along with the application?
Since some situations are unique, after completing the short application online, one of our Review Counselors will contact you and advise of additional documents to be submitted.

How long is the process before my organization can get approved?
After all documentation is received, most applications are approved within seven business days.

What is the cost to join?
There is no fee to join.

Is there a monthly cost?
There is no monthly fee.

What is the difference between License to Preach and Ordination?
Ordained Ministers tend to be permanent clergy. Depending on the denomination, ordination permits the minister to perform certain church rites, such as baptisms, legal marriages and funerals. Ministers who are licensed to preach, on the other hand, are usually authorized to do just that in their local church and perform some ministerial functions. The license to preach is considered to be a one-time event, with the credentials having to be renewed annually whereas for the ordained ministers are considered permanent clergy.

What are the qualifications for the License to Preach?
You will need to complete the online application, a resume outlining your work in the ministry,  and three verifiable letters of recommendation from existing ministries.

What are the qualifications to be Ordination?
In addition to the completed online application, a resume outlining your work  in the ministry, three verifiable letters of recommendation from existing ministries, candidates must also complete three courses from Rhema University.

When can I apply for the ID?
You can apply for your ID once your organization has been approved.


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