Bachelor Of Christian Counseling

CC 116  Introduction to Christian Counseling I
CC 177  Introduction to Christian Counseling II
CC 188  Christian Psychology
CC 222  Youth Counseling
CC 291  Marriage Counseling
CC 318  Divine Healing
CC 384  Group Therapy
CC 362  Addiction Counseling
CC 388  Spiritual Warefare
CC 401  Counseling Children
CC 416  Pastoral Counseling
CC 431  Senior Adult Counseling
CC 479  Research Paper


Frequently Asked Questions:
         Finanical Aid Program
         Applying online
bachelor of Counseling must be completed along with the required amount of core
courses totaling 120 credit hours for graduation. Each course is 3 credit hours.
EE492 Resarch Paper is a re quired course. Click (here) to view Core Courses.


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