Professors and Adjunct Faculty



Rhema University is extremly proud to offer our students, faculity members who are very accomplished in their areas of expertise both academically and in their respective occupations and experiences. All faculty members have the dedication of communicating to all students, not only the academics of a partiular course but how it relates in each student's goals and visions

Dr. John Piper Dr. Richard G. Arno, Ph.D.
Dr. Charles Van Engen Dr. Phyllis J. Arno, Ph.D.
Dr. Roger S. Richardson Dr. Roger J. Boehm, Ph.D.
Charles E. Graham, Ph.D. Dr. Jo Ann Hennington, Ed.D.
Dr. Roger K. Gauthier Dr. Randall J. Pannell, Ph.D.
Dr. William Johnson, Ph.D Dr. Mark Renner, M.D
Dr. Marcia Richardson Dr. Robert W. Bolois, Ph.D
Dr. Larry E. Wade Ph.D Dr. Richard Glenn, Ph.D.
Dr. Selvon Seebran Dr. Debra L. King, Ph.D.
Mr. Joanus Malyah Dr. Joan M. LaCour, Ph.D.
Mrs. Elaine T. Jackson M.A. Dr. Randall J. Pannell, Ph.D
Dr. Craig Keener Dr. Gary Polston, Ph.D.
Dr. Wanda D. Tolbert Dr. Terry D. King, Ph.D.
Randall J. Pannell, Ph.D. Dr. O. Quinn Nyman, Ph.D.
Mark Renner, M.D. Dr. Lonnie W. Smith, Ph.D.
Debra L. King, Ph.D. Dr. Richard Glenn, Ph.D.
Dr. Marcia Williams Dr. Steve Brown



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