The Bachelor Program - 120 completed credit hours Bachelor

Master Program - 30 semester credits above the Bachelor

Doctorate Program - 30 semester credits above the Master

The certificate program - 30 completed credit hours
Christian Worker’s Certificate
Certificate in Bible Studies
Certificate in Theology
Certificate in Biblical Humanities


Application Fee (non refundable) $50*
Credit for life experience (per credit hour) $90*
Registration Fee $25
Audit Courses (per course non-degree program) $100*
Under Graduate Tuition (per credit hour) $100*
Graduate Tuition (per Credit hour) $300*
Course Extension fee $50*
Return check $25*
Course Materials (text books, etc) Per cost basis
Audit Courses $100*


* All fees are stated are in U.S. Currency.

* Grades and transcripts will not be released until the student’s account  
   is brought current.

* Fees are subject to change without prior notice each semester.

* Rhema University reserves the right to adjust tuition and fees without prior
  notice each semester or at the start of each academic year.

" Required credits depend upon the number of credits transferred into the
  program, credits and other graduation requirements.


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